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Update: Gatewalkers - The World of Watorial

Updated: Feb 1

We are very excited to announce our very first product! We will be publishing Gatewalkers: The World of Watorial, in 2021! So what is this you may ask yourself. We have put together a 450+ page book that contains a new gaming world named Watorial. Savaged by war, and most recently the events of The Changing, Watorial is a harsh mistress for any would be hero.

How is it played?

Watorial is the brain child of one of our founding members, Jonathon Etzwiler. This is the culmination of 30 yrs of world building and running campaigns. We sat down recently and started to put all of this to paper, so that others like yourselves could enjoy what we have for most of gaming lives. We have spent the last several months compiling and reworking what Jon has created to produce a 600+ page core rule book that is built to be played using the Pathfinder Second Edition role playing system created by Paizo. This does mean, that when you get your copy of Gatewalkers: The World of Watorial, you will need a copy of the rule set for the Pathfinder Second Edition system, which can be found on Paizo's website.

The World of Watorial is loaded with new playable races specific to the world of Watorial, but you can play any of the Pathfinder Second Editions races within our world, through the use of the Dragongates. These are large portal doorways scattered throughout the realms that allow travel within the realm, and from other realms in the multiverse.

In addition to new races, we provide new religions, new equipment, and a whole new set of monsters for you to encounter ( we call them Nightmare Creatures... ). We also provide some alternative rules that you can choose to add to your game to make it even more unique than what you currently may be doing. Included in the book is information about two of the major continents in the world. That is Ehbon and Indifrica, which you can see them in the map provided above. The large continent to the north is Ehbon, with Indifrica being the content directly to the south. We have plans for the lands to the east and west as well, but those will be in an upcoming supplement that should come out sometime in 2022. We will be posting some new articles to give details about Ehbon and Indifrica very soon so stay tuned!

When is it coming?

We are still in the phase of assembling the book. We have all the information typed up and ready to be assembled, but we are still putting together the graphics to bring the book together and ready it for publishing. We are expecting to have a published version of the book in the beginning of next year, with the Kickstarter campaign following closely behind.

If you would like to be kept up to date about when the kickstarter begins go ahead and click on the Subscribe link in the main menu to join our mailing list! We will continue to post new information as we make our way through finishing out the book so make sure you come back and check in with us every so often to see what we are up to!

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