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The Tower of Shadows

This tower is in the region of the great salt marsh, protected by its former inhabitant, Shalizar the shadow traveler. This once mighty shadow mage was a student of the gatewalker Ladonna D'fir Deathcry, one of the realms greatest mages and necromancers. After her disappearance, Shalizar took custodial ownership of the Tower and all its contents, safeguarding them and continuing his own studies. The tower is a reflection of its true owner having servants and other mystical inventions that allow free flowing hot and cold water, self heating cooking devices and even cold storage for prolonged keeping of meats and other perishables. It also has lavish accomedations for those lucky enough to be allowed to stay within its convines. It also contains her treasures and library, laboratory and workshops. It has impressive defenses and offenses making it a force to be reckoned with when it is called to do battle, for like a few other magical towers brought forth with the original gatewalkers, it can move of its own accord by its owners whim. After the death of Shalizar his shade resides within the tower acting as servant, guide and protector for such was his loyalty to Ladonna that he waits for the towers new owner, one that is granted the blessing of Ladonna to claim it and all that it contains within, for it is priceless having artifacts from other planes and knowledge beyond comprehension only five other places on watorial rival the knowledge contained, the Blackbone Castle of Dravilia Nacranau, the Tower of Dilak thanius and Stormwatch Citadel, the once home and fortress of Dilan thanius also commonly known as Nightshade The bounty hunter with the city of Illithium and the College of Shadowsong filling the last two rivals. It is whispered that Ladonna still lives on, wandering the regions in disguise seeking one worthy enough to be her successor and heir to her power....

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