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The Tower of Malifaux, the Cursed Tower

Updated: Mar 1

In the early years the Alfar first arrived upon Ehbon they sought to return to their roots and

build their rapport with the natural world once more. Given a large area of land to make a new life they built one of their first cities, the city of Aluth'Azan in what is know known now as the Howling Woods. For many centuries they dwelt here and a modest city blossomed and one of their mightiest mages was born at this time, the Grey Alfar Malifaux. In the centuries that followed he accumulated great power and prestige and built in the center of the city his tower.

Though young still by Alfar standards, he was beyond many a mage older than he and because of this he became arrogant and power hungry. Through his many years he created many great works even a mystical suit of dark plate armor composed of a metal of unknown origin. It is an armor that mages could wear with out having the training to don it. It would become known as the Armor of Malifaux. He would become a war leader and after many victories he would become the leader and ruler of Aluth'Azan, such began his decline into madness and darkness.

Malifaux started his decline by allowing slaves to be taken, in this he took many, setting them to work around his city doing repairs and menial tasks. This was abhorrent to many of those who lived in the city proper having fresh memories of their own enslavement, and brought this to his attention to plead for him to reconsider his actions. He turned a deaf ear. In the months to follow many of his subjects either left or started to disappear. Those who stayed began to change in demeanor, becoming more sadistic and violent in combat and harsh while in the region they called home. The other Alfar began noticing this disparity in character and investigated, many never returned.

It was Malifaux that started the Lycanthropic wars, for in his years he made a deal with the gods known as the Formless One and through that entity he made a deal to garner the service of Dharklings. These servants had possessed a few leaders of the Alfar, enough to get the ancestry to wage a genocidal war against the were-beasts. For this deal the original city that was built was sunk with only the tower of Malifaux left above ground, the population that disagreed with Malifaux taken as tribute and turned into undead minions, servants to the Formless One and Malifaux for all time. When the full fury of the lycanthropes fell upon Azuth'Azan, Malifaux sealed his tower and looking upon the new city that rose from his rule he fused his full might to the armor he created and in his place stood the new being, the first incarnation of a being come to be called Aramas, and with a callous laugh watched as the whole of the corrupted city of Aluth'Azan was put to tooth and claw.

The tower stands still silent and brooding in the center of the city and the modern kings castle is built around it, it has never been reopened or breached to this day as their is only two ways to gain entry, through a secret portal in the valley of bone and the secret method to open the the very door of the tower itself, secreted somewhere in the city ready to be discovered and used to open the cursed tower setting loose the contained darkness with in... one final blow to be made by Malifaux.

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