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The Dharklings

Updated: Mar 1

The possessive entities known as Dharklings are the product of the new goddess Dhark, and are commanded by the godling or commonly called demi god, Dreadfis. Their mortal commander is the nigh immortal known as Aramas, it was this being that had sown dissent and chaos over thousands of years using the Dharklings to possess key leaders and those that had influence.

These creatures are not detectable by normal means and can take over any mortal form from the lowly cat to a bee if it must. These creatures are powerful and destructive if forced to fight and can shear off pieces of its essence to try and possess others that it damages making them a terrible foe if unprepared.

The order of Faithblades were created to hunt these entities down and eradicate them, giving a mandate that they answer to no mortal law and have the authority to kill any possessed if unable to free those unfortunate souls possessed by the Dharkling. This mandate brought about their decommission as one was thought to have went rogue and assassinated a king who had been possessed but because this particular one had the divine intervention of the goddess Dhark it passed all tests to free the king from any influence. So the faithblade did what her mandate dictated her to do, she freed the kings soul from its mortal coil. She would lose her life for her conviction and Dhark won a major victory for later on the king would be replaced and this one also was possessed and the dwev'lar started a small war while their king was possessed. Many centuries later that same faithblade was exonerated and the new king freed from the possession and when the Dharkling was exposed and escaped the call for the faithblades went out and those that still lived, answered.

The resurgence and return of the Dharklings signaled a greater threat and no region was safe from the infestation. So the faithblades went from investigators to receiving their original mandate, hunt and eliminate any Dharklings, and those that help knowingly. Many Dharklings are inconspicuous using the guise of a commoner or even animal to gather intelligence or seed chaos and confusion, but some seek the bigger game, taking over lords or even heroes of the land and turning the people against them or using them to turn the people against each other. It is in part that the Dharklings brought on the age of chaos and it was they that started the new Alfar/Jotun war earlier in the age. Pray one never meets a Dharkling for death is not the worse fate that can befall you should one lose to the Dharkling...

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