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Pathfinder Compatible?

Updated: Mar 1

We have recently received some feedback from an independent reviewer who focuses on the Pathfinder Second Edition System and the criticisms are welcomed and being taken under advisement, but we feel that we may have mis-communicated exactly what Gatewalkers: The World of Watorial is, and that falls on me. I figured I would take a minute to talk about what we are creating and try to give a little more insight into what it is we are trying to accomplish here.

When we set out to create Watorial, we took over 30 years of gaming experience and built a world that we would like to play in Pathfinder Second Edition. This world is harsher than most. It has been ravaged by war, torn apart by slavery, and dominated by those with lust for power. As a result, champions in this world are powerful, very powerful, and we intended that to be the case. Much like Dark Sun was for AD&D, Watorial is a different setting where the characters being played must be stronger simply to survive. So when we say this is Pathfinder Compatible, we are saying that this world is playable using the Pathfinder Second Edition role playing system, meaning we use the three action economy, general and skill feats, spells, backgrounds, rules for character creation, etc, all from the Pathfinder Second Edition system, but the things that are unique to Watorial are built to be considerably stronger than those that exist on Golarion. For a more modern reference, you can think of Watorial like Asgard; A higher level character from Watorial appearing in Golarion would very much be like Thor appearing on Earth, they would almost seem godlike with their power, but on Watorial this power is normal to all of its inhabitants. We wanted players in Watorial to feel like superheroes so we constructed our world to make those players epic heroes with amazing abilities.

Watorial is a large and expansive world with many regions, deities, monsters, and new equipment that you can bring to your gaming table. The Dragon Gates that exist in this world allow you as players to bring your characters from Golarion into Watorial and explore it’s mysteries, but we say this with one caveat; we do not recommend playing a mix of characters from Golarion with characters built in Watorial, as the characters built from the ancestries in Watorial will be noticeably more powerful by comparison to characters created in Golarion. It is perfectly fine to bring an entire party from Golarion over to Watorial, but we would avoid mixing characters from the two worlds as it could have a detrimental effect on the gaming experience for your players.

Now the content we have created is just a guide, and has always been designed with the idea that the players and GM’s will use their discretion and can feel free to tweak any aspect in the game that they feel they need to tweak. If you think an ancestry feat or ability is too strong, then don’t allow that character to choose those abilities or at your table, that ancestry may not exist all together. That is totally up to you and that was our intention with this new product. Nothing is set in stone and this is yours to do with what you wish.

We hope this clarifies any misconceptions out there around what it is that we are building. We are not building an expansion to Golarion, we are building a separate world where the environment requires a more powerful hero to emerge to fight the evils within. We would like to thank everyone for their support over the last year in helping us create this world and we hope that you enjoy playing in Watorial as much as we do. Until then, may your horns be full of ale, may your enemies find no weakness in your defenses, may fate smile upon you and yours.

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