• Trent Raber

Meet the Valkier

This is a new race for our Gatewalkers: The World of Watorial core rule book!

The Valkier

After the Meh-Teh's great alchemical accident centuries ago, these warrior women began to appear. No one knows how they came to be, but they are as fierce as they are beautiful. With hair of silver and ivory skin (with just a tinge of sky blue highlights), their curvaceous form and eyes of sapphire blue would make any man, or woman, succumb to their wishes.

Accustomed to the intense cold of the Winterlands, they are immune to its effects and even magical cold has little effect on some of them. They are also said to have diamond hard skin and must be cautious in touching others, or the cold they radiate from their bodies could cause unintentional damage. Aloof and seemingly “cold” to others, they are nonetheless able to form close bonds with friends that last a lifetime.

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