• Trent Raber

Meet the Mantodea

This is a new race for our Gatewalkers: The World of Watorial core rule book!

The Mantodea

This rare and shy insect like race from the lands to the south are large bodied, having a thorax upon four legs. The arms are similar to the praying mantis except they have four segmented digits to grasp and manipulate objects. Their head has two antennae, large compound eyes, and large scissoring mandibles over a complex mouth. Relatively gentle creatures, they roam the plains and deserts as herders, hunter-gatherers, and guides. In the deep jungles they are expert hunters as their exo-skeleton takes on the subtle hues of their surroundings. Though they speak a unique language, Chiktick, they use telepathy when communicating with those beings that are not of their kind.

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