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Meet the Devlins

Updated: Mar 1

Progeny of the union between mortal and infernal or abyssal parents, Devlins as they are known in this realm, have acclimated well to the world. Some ashamed, others embracing their dark parentage, they seem at home around all the different species in Ehbon. They all tend to have a reddish tint to their skin color and usually possess one or more traits of their demonic heritage.

Innate Abilities


Gain Stealth and Deception as trained skills regardless of class

Become Trained in Unarmed attacks regardless of class

Choose Demonic Attribute ( Choose 1 )

· Claws: Gain a claw attack that does 1d4S + STR mod

· Fangs: Gain a bite attack that does 1d6P + STR mod

· Wings: Gain the Fly ability ( 45 ft of movement )

· Horns: Gain a headbutt attack that does 1d4 P/B

· Prehensile Tail: Gain a tail that gives you the ability to carry up to 5 lbs. with it.

· Scales: Gain a +2 racial bonus to your AC

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