• Trent Raber

Meet the Alsvi

The centaurs, the Alsvi as they are known in this realm, are equine like creatures that are tribal and focus on protection of their lands and families, choosing one mate and are committed to that person for life.

Females are of a slimmer stature and lighter tones of skin and hair. The males are a bulkier bunch with a darker tone to their features. Natural healers, they often seek work as apothecaries and are fierce and loyal to those that they call friends.

One of the more remarkable aspects of the race is the spiral ivory horn that grows from their forehead, some reaching two feet in length with the oldest of their tribes, a mutation due to an alchemical accident centuries ago. These beings are reclusive, shy, and above all cautious, yet still curious about the world beyond their borders.

Innate Abilities

Low Light Vision You gain Expert training in Survival You gain Expert training in Medicine

Quadruped: Get a +5 bonus to all saves versus trips and grapples and a +3 bonus to all Athletics checks for jumps.

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