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Meet the Alfar

Updated: Mar 1

The elves, Alfar as they are known on Ehbon, are a race of slender and eloquent beings with a long and sordid history in the realms. Some arrogant, some wild, some studious, while others are considered outcasts. This ancient species has fought hard to come back from the brink of extinction since the rise of the Formless One.

Though they consider the other races beneath them, especially the Dwev’lar, they do their best to maintain relationships with those that exist outside their borders.

It is whispered by the elders of the bloodlines that they once were a united race, having settled the far-lands then splitting into distinct lines centuries later. Many claim that the Dark Alfar are closer to their ancient ancestors than any other, and that this fact is why the Grey Alfar hate them so much as to put their dark brethren into exile, even though the Dark Alfar were the species' savior from slavery, or so it's told.

Grey Alfar

The arrogant Grey Alfar tend to have light skin with white, silver, or grey hair and light-colored eyes. Usually adorned in robes and engrossed in study, these Alfar see themselves as the most intelligent of the Alfar bloodlines.

Boosts: INT, WIS. Flaws: CHA, CON Innate Abilities

Low Light Vision

· +2 racial bonus to saves versus enchantments and enchantment effects

· +2 racial bonus to spell casting checks

· +2 racial bonus to dispel checks

· +2 racial bonus to spell save DC

Sylvan Alfar

In the wilds of Ehbon, you will find the tanned skinned Sylvan Alfar. Having dark hair and eyes these Alfar are most recognized for the tattoos that cover their bodies. They wear skins and hides as clothing and find that nature is better company than most of the other species in the realms.

Boosts: STR, CON, DEX Flaws: CHA, INT Innate Abilities

· Low Light Vision

· You gain Lore: Nature, Lore: Animals, and Survival as trained skills regardless of class

· +2 racial bonus on Stealth checks

· +2 racial bonus on Perception checks

· Additional Language: Sylvan

High Alfar

Having light brown hair, skin, and eyes, the High Alfar can usually be found congregating together or socializing with the upper echelons of society. Loving the fervor of city life, these social creatures find themselves at home telling tales over several decanters of fine Alfarian wines.

Boosts: DEX, INT, CHA Flaws: CON, WIS Innate Abilities

· You gain Deception, Diplomacy, and Lore: Local as trained skills regardless of class

· You gain a +2 racial bonus to Sense Motive checks

· Low Light Vision

Dark Alfar

The Dark Alfar are the proverbial “black sheep” of the species that are black of skin and white of eye. Exiled and cast out by their cousins, the Grey Alfar, these nomadic creatures travel from place to place making ends meet any way that they can. Even though they keep to themselves, they are looked upon as the most approachable of the Alfar bloodlines.

Boosts: CHA, Double to DEX ( +4 ) Flaws: CON Innate Abilities

· Darkvision

· +2 to saves versus Enchantments or Enchantment Effects

· Resistance to Magic Damage of 5

· Light Blindness

· You may cast the following spells one time per day at a caster level equal to your level:

· Darkness

· Faerie Fire

· Feather Fall

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