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Mazta, Land of the Great Lizards

The land of Mazta is densely populated by the goburin who have had undisputed control since the time of Chuk Chuk the Whisperer who found the Great Spludge, an odd mummified set of remains, that was looked upon as a god. Since that time the scattered goburin gathered around this Idol and prospered, spreading out and claiming the wilds around the area they would call...The Great Spludge. All goburin travel here at least once in their lifetime, often more, when they seek blessings for fertility, ( which never seems to be a problem with the race).

The goburin of this land have a strange ability to calm, train and control the various great lizards here, having an uncanny rapport with them. They use these primeval beasts as mounts, pets and war machines, but the chaos does not end here for they also are the only true breeders of the mighty rage chickens....yes, rage chickens. These beasts are seen with awe and respect for it is legend that the mighty Chuk Chuk was raised by the first rage chicken, Ka'eff'cee, layer of the first eggs, mother of rage chickens. The land is protected by goburin mounted on what they call "chicken runners", (Velociraptors) and use "chompers" (Tyrannosaurs) as siege towers along with "triple stabbies" (Triceratops) and "hard backs" (Ankylosaurs) as mobile troop carriers and howdahs.

Their villages have a large concentration of rage chicken and "skinny necks" (compy), along with the sad glutamax. The land itself is lush and actually pretty beautiful, but it does have the normal hazards of flesh eating plant life, great lizards, giant insects, poisonous snakes and insects, and at times the cannibal tribes of human and goburin. Though dangerous it is survivable and one can travel safe on the caravan paths that have been created and are maintained by the goburin, patrolling it and keeping them clear of the encroaching jungle.

Despite the chaotic nature of the goburin, they are very hospitable as long as no threat is presented, as if some greater force keeps their nature at bay as a species. The great rift valley lies with in its borders home to an ancient crystal city of the rhep'tus, known as Zoxia in the Valley of the Lost for none go here as the only true entrance is barred by great gates made of iron and silver and guarded at all times to keep the living away. Even those things capable of flight will not fly over it. On a still night moans and occasionally screams can be heard issuing forth and during the day whispers are on the wind which can be disorienting.

Much mineral wealth is in this region, often many trade caravans come to make deals with the controlling goburin to mine, mostly human but a few dwev'lar and even felinian seek mining rights, or lumber permissions, for it seems the foliage here regrows at a rate ten times quicker than elsewhere. Not like Pakelon or the Great Needle Tree Forest but still allows the taking of lumber in large amounts without devastating the areas its gathered from.

It is surmised that if the tribes of the goburin united as a race they could sweep across the regions like a plague and devastate the whole of Indifrica but such is not the nature of the goburin. Only the greatest of them could achieve such a feat, as once it was done in the time of Chuk Chuk, but that time is long past. There are whispers of one who is wise and silent, but speaks loudly with spirits who lives far to the north in another land with mighty friends, waiting for a time to lead his people to a glorious future, but these are just tales told to runtlings....or are they

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