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Illithium, City of Magnanimi

The city of Illithium the home of, well, the Illithium the other dimensional race of mental magic wielders. This city is technically the greatest of the civilized cities that rise from the regions of Ehbon, having incorporated many of the innovations of both the human, Alfar and Dwev'lar into its construction, having running piped water, sewer systems and aqua ducts that the humans had created and combined the forced air and heat of bound elementals of the Dwev'lar technologies to power heating and cooling machines, and steam power to operate the pumping systems that control water flow thru the city wide piping. The Alfar created the technologies of providing city wide lighting having created mystically powered glass globes that provide light at varying levels of intensity with but a touch of ones hand and that recharge by the very sun. And what did the Illithium provide you ask? They brought with them the accumulated knowledge of their race and put it into books that could be read by any one reading its pages, as the book itself translated it into the readers own language or any language they knew, and provided the one service none possessed since the passing of the ancient ones and ancients, the training to control the rare gift of mental magics.

The city is one of many towers, many as large around as some castles providing small homes or apartments like a tavern or hostel. The other buildings are either hemispherical or hexagonal in design and are at least five stories tall with the whole of the under city a maze of tunnels housing machines of steam or bound elementals, piping and constructed streams of fresh water. But even the under ways have built in housing for many of those who keep the whole thing operating smoothly with shops and other accouterments that make it a literal city under the city. The largest and tallest tower lies at the very exact center of this bustling city, the home of the elders of the Illithium and caretakers of this the greatest library in Ehbon, The Cradle of Cognitionis, with only Shadow song college of Dharmafrak rivalling its contents. It is here many a mage and mentalist, bard and skald come to peruse tomes of knowledge from maps to magical theory, the only thing it lacks is knowledge pertaining to music theory or music in general for this is the one thing the race can not grasp.

Hidden within the great library at its deepest basement and in a pocket of displaced time lies the larder of the Illithium that call the city home, accessible to them by a unique mental ability to allow instant access to it, for this is the storage of the brains they receive from those condemned to death, their food source. It is here the extraction of the living brain is done away from prying eyes of both magic and mundane, and carefully preserved for use. Here in the great library also lies the training rooms of the mental magic users they take in and help, without fear of accidental damage or death to those that cannot defend themselves from their budding powers. Few in the regions have ever attempted or thought of aggression towards the great city for they know that a sleeping power resides there, one capable of devastating an army, or region, with but a combined thought for the power of this city lies not in one, but with in the many.

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