• Trent Raber

Greetings and Salutations from Logan

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I would like to personally welcome everyone to the world I have spent many years reforming, rebuilding and adding to as people have played it. This all started with my first play group that I had taught to play 2nd edition D & D. They learned with me, and after nearly 30 years, and because of two of them, I am here sharing it with the world at large. I am both excited and utterly terrified. I have endeavored to create a world both unique and expansive, allowing room for others to add to it as they play and create new histories, heroes, adversaries, and obstacles.

In the coming weeks I will delve into areas of information not detailed within the core books that are to come, from history to regional information and covering small details of some of the races. In all of this we welcome questions and thoughts of what others are hoping to see within the coming pages of what I hope is an enjoyable yet challenging world for all who dare explore it. So come and grab your gear and follow me as we take your first steps into the vast world of Watorial.

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