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Gatewalkers, Travelers From Beyond Watorial

Gatewalkers. There are two variations of this term, those who travel the breadth of the known world of Watorial by way of the Dragon Gates that are scattered throughout the world, and those who come to be on Watorial by way of these same gateways. The Original Gatewalkers, the first to come from another world and time, came looking for a enemy who had arrived on Watorial through one of the Dragon Gates, but had done so millennia before even though to them it was only moments before.

The coming of the being Wun disrupted both the Gate he came through and the mystical energy fields of the world, this in turn temporally displaced the ones who immediately followed him, the band of adventurers known as the lunatic parade, along with a couple of their most trusted attendants and friends. These first Gatewalkers were effectively immortal but with the ability to pass this immortality to a blood relative as a few had done and found that the Gate was a one way trip as they were stranded here, but with the combined might of the band's two mages they were able to somehow gate in three powerful objects: their mobile fortress home the Keep of Karatas, Stormwatch Citadel, and the Tower of Dilanthanius.

These gate walkers would in time become rulers of various regions of the continent of Ehbon, forging a peace and unity on the continent, the energies of passing through the disrupted gate having the odd effect of clouding the minds of those in the regions held by them that they have ruled for only a few decades in recollections of the elders of these lands. Their are 18 original Gate walkers not including Wun, at least 3 have passed their immortality to a blood relative with one living a relatively humble life in the land of one of her friends from the lunatic parade.

Many of the Dragon gates go to only one point from any given gate, some go to multiple and some can reach any gate if you know where it is on the world of Watorial. Now there are those few and powerful Dragon gates that can reach other planes, rarer still are those that can reach other dimensions and then there are the exceptionally rare Gates that can cross time itself, but only so far as the current past or the near future, never more than a scant 100 years at most for before that it is already written and after that it is still too mutable, but because of the unstable power of these types of gates they can and have, malfunctioned.

Those who find themselves here come through a stable portal from another plane or dimension or by some accident of spell or power , rifted here, deposited on a new and strange world that may or may not have similarities to there old world. The Orsic race is one such ancestry that found a gate to here to seek refuge and a fresh start from their original world. As well as the stranded Pachydermians who once came here as diplomats in ancient times by invite of the Rhep'tus only to be stranded here when the city they arrived in was sunk in the waves. Living isolated for millennia learning how the tehk of the Rhep'Tus worked until they figured out how to use the smaller gates to leave and return to the sunken city after countless years. And still others like the alien species the Illithium happened upon Watorial's dimension and sought a new home much like the Orsic had done Millennia before.

So by way of the various Dragon Gates, the world of Watorial reaches out and guides others to her embrace, either from across time or the vastness of space , to other planes and dimensions offering a fresh start or new challenges for those brave and strong enough to accept, for Watorial in all her beauty and vastness is still mostly untamed and brutal, with centuries of war and unrest in her past, but it is her future these new travelers, these Gatewalkers, are here to carve out and shape the world. Who knows, maybe they will find a new gate to somewhere never traveled on Watorial, or beyond....

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