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Determining Attributes

One new item we added in Gatewalkers: The World of Watorial, is a bit of change to how you determine a characters attributes. We want to be clear as well that this is completely optional in every way and is in no way required to play in our world setting.

Now the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook employs a very robust system that has you take 10 on ever attribute and then apply boosts ( a 2 point bonus ) to several attributes during character creation. This system is great and works wonderfully, but we here at Red Sash are a bit old school and really do like the idea of rolling your stats. Now Pathfinder Second Edition does allow for an alternative way to get your attributes through rolling, but we put a bit of twist on it.

You know how there is always that one person in your game group that seems to have made some kind of a pact with a lower planar creature that ensures every roll they make is above a 17 when they are making their character. We have a couple of those in our gaming groups as well. We sat down and starting thinking about a more randomized way to determine the attributes of your character and came up with the following method.

We have created four tables, each with six columns and twelve rows. Each cell in these tables contain a value from 7 to 18. When you are ready to roll up your attributes, you first roll 1d4. This will determine which table you use to figure your scores. Once you know which table you are using, you then roll 1d6 and the value determines what column your score will come from in the table. Finally you roll 1d12 and this determines the row that your score will be taken from. You check where the column and the row intersect and the value contained in that cell is the score for that attribute.

After you have rolled your six attribute scores, you have an additional option to attempt to increase or change one of your scores. You will notice in the book, Gatewalkers: The World of Watorial, that we provide an additional four bonus tables. These consist of 6 columns and 1 row of values. If you choose, you can take your lowest score rolled from the above method and make a roll on the bonus tables to change that score. You again roll a d4 to determine the bonus table you will choose from and then roll a d6 to determine the score. Now here is the catch, you MUST take the score that your roll on the bonus table. This means you could end up with something lower that what you had originally, but hey, gambling doesn't always work out for the best!

If you choose this method of determining your attributes you do need to follow the alternative rules in Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook which means that you do not get the four free boosts that you get at initial character creation or any of the free boosts that come from background and class. We have run this method a myriad of times during our play testing and we feel this still gives players a balanced character that is not to overly powerful right out the gate.

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