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I was asked recently by a couple of people as to why i created this world. I created it for my friends, taking the many adventures they were the heroes of and the aspects of all the worlds they played in to be the basis of what would become, after a few remodels, the world that is the culmination of 30 years of memories. I created or remade those races i wanted to see in a world and even a few that were just a joking thought, or some friends wanted to see brought back, this extended to those classes i had played as a test from days gone by for my first DM. So as you see i created a world filled with those things i loved from all those years of running games and playing in them and immortalized my first group of players who would become my family as some of their favorite or more memorable characters became pillars of this new world as either kings and rulers or legends among the histories. I hope that in the chance you explore this world you will find something you enjoy and start a world all your own, and fill it with all those things you come to love from the hobby and give those who share this passion the same immortality, i mean in the end its about the time spent with friends who share the same enjoyment and making memories together so you may look back upon them and say "Hey remember that time.....", this is what it is to be a gamer.

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