Gatewalkers: The World of Watorial

This book consists of 450+ pages of new regions, continents, races, monsters, religions, and equipment that is built to work with the Pathfinder Second Edition table top role playing system.  Rife with chaos, and ravaged by war, the world of Watorial is a harsh mistress, desperately in need of new heroes to rise to the challenges within....


“Stonewurth. The name of both the region and its capital, is one of the most civilized cities in the realm lands. A port city that is not more than a distant walk to the most modern of all the major civilized cities, Illithium, my home. Ah. Forgive me my manners. I am Shalaster Kalnatok, sage and lore master. Come have a black brew from the south lands and listen to my tale traveler. You seem new to our realm. Mayhap you came from one of the Dragon Gates? Ah no matter.”


“Where to begin? Why not the beginning. The face of the realm lands has been forged by a series of great wars. From the Infernicus Wars where the Ancients were thrown down by the Devil Lords, to the Tidal Wars which saw the extinction of the Locothath and Sahuagin by the genocidal cleansing launched by the Merfolk. Out of this destruction we saw the rise of the Devlins and Thropes accompanied by the disappearances of the ancient sea races of the Ningen and Piscine. As a result, we see the rise of the Dragon Empire when the Devil lords vanished, where the Dragons enslaved the races of the Jotuns, Thropes and Devlins, all while hunting the Orsic and Goblin to extinction. This act in turn saw the feral Gnolls fill the vacuum left by this genocide. After centuries the race of the Jotun rebel giving rise to the dragon wars.”

“In a turn of events the Jotuns enslave the Chromatic Dragons, once their masters, and then they hunt the race of the Pucks, or gnome as they are commonly known, to near extinction to claim their lands driving the survivors deep underground not to be seen again for many ages to come. Jotuns continue to wage war, this time upon the Alfar who in turn unleash all their repressed hatred upon them starting the Alfar-Jontun War. During this time the Alfar were in the midst of the Lycanthropic Wars, hunting all lycanthropic bloodlines to near extinction and driving them to scatter all over the realm lands to find safe haven. The bloodline of the cat disappeared from knowledge and are thought to be destroyed, as the bloodline of the rat sought refuge in the cities. Only the bloodline of the wolf and bear survived in great numbers, refusing to go quietly into the night, even taking an alfarian city and driving them out claiming it as their own. This event is what caused the Alfar to call a tenuous truce that has lasted for centuries.”

“Come friend drink, drink.  Another round barkeep! Where was I? Ahhh yes. These times have shaped the other races into hardy survivors and given birth to new ones. You see the races are defined by their pasts or climates. Some are powerful but isolated or feared and some are afraid to show themselves, still remembering the racial atrocities of their forbears which led to them hiding from the world in general.”


“Our realm is still primal and harsh in the majority but yet great civilized cities have risen from the wilderness landscape. The familiar clans of Orsics or in the common tongue, orcs, and goblins were long dead, but seemingly have reappeared recently. The more savage species of bugbear, gnoll and the militaristic hobgoblin have increased in population and pose a problem on the frontiers of our lands. We humans have become hardier and more learned in survival in our chosen regions, as we tenaciously cling to what we have built, and we teach every child to hold a weapon and learn the ways of war.”

“Even with all the dangers this world still holds many wonders to behold and places to still be discovered, from the largely unexplored lands of the south and east to the uncharted isles to the west, even the very clouds hide from view ancient islands of stone that float high above the land kept there by some unknown power. Life is as wonderful, or as harsh, as one can make it, but I see you have no interest in these things. Our world is where adventure finds you, whether one is looking for it or not. Everyone is touched by the hand of fate and left to their destiny. Great or small, for good or ill we are all the pawns of the gods. Welcome traveler to the realm lands of Watorial….”


The Mantodea


These rare and shy insect like race from the lands to the south are large bodied, having a thorax upon four legs. The arms are similar to the praying mantis except they have four segmented digits to grasp and manipulate objects.


Their head has two antennae, large compound eyes, and large scissoring mandibles over a complex mouth. Relatively gentle creatures, they roam the plains and deserts as herders, hunter-gatherers, and guides. In the deep jungles they are expert hunters as their exo-skeleton takes on the subtle hues of their surroundings.


Though they speak a unique language, Chiktick, they use telepathy when communicating with those beings that are not of their kind.

The Valkier

After the Meh-Teh's great alchemical accident centuries ago, these warrior women started to appear.  No one knows how they came to be, but they are as fierce as they are beautiful. With hair of silver and ivory skin (with just a tinge of sky blue highlights), their curvaceous form and eyes of sapphire blue would make any man, or woman, succumb to their wishes.

Accustomed to the intense cold of the winter lands, they are immune to its effects and even magical cold has little effect on some of them. They are also said to have diamond hard skin and must be cautious in touching others, or the cold they radiate from their bodies could cause unintentional damage. Aloof and seemingly “cold” to others, they are nonetheless able to form close bonds with friends that last a lifetime.